Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Secrets

They say you go to College to find your bridesmaids. Well, I haven't found mine, yet. I feel like the girlfriends I became tight with in the beginning of the semester no longer want to be my friend? Or, I'm just too busy to even have time to hang out with them. And when I do become free, they've got other plans. Prior to coming to College, I thought I would leave most of my friends from back home behind, make new friends, and that would be that. Ha! I was proved wrong. I've actually become closer to my friends back home. Isn't that strange? You would think the great distance between our schools would make us lose touch, but the works of Facebook and the Internet has actually made keeping in contact easy. Point being, I feel sad and alone; it's just me, my laptop, my TV, and my homework. Sigh...

I've got an interview with a talent agency tomorrow (for modeling). HAHA! I think it's the funniest thing ever. Seriously, me model. PAHAHAHAHA! I'm going because I am impressed with the agnecy's persistance: They called in December, but I couldn't go because I wasn't 21 and nor did I have a legal guardian to come to the interview with me. They said they would call me back, and they did... 3 months later! Also, I think it would be cool and fun to go on casting calls--if that's what they are called. I'm not trying to become famous, just trying to find ways to keep myself entertained; I get bored easily.

On another note, I am obsessed with this song.
It makes me want to write my own version; it would be called European Boy :).

Hope the rest of your weekend is fantabulous!

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