Monday, March 3, 2008

Tagged/Blogger Thinker Award

If you hate reading tagged blog posts, I'm sorry.

So, I wasn't technically tagged, but Miss Couturable tagged everyone. I hearttt Design also gave me the Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks!! I'm avoiding my homework because the reading is ABSOLUTELY BORING, but I'll get to it, being that I have to post a response on our class discussion board.

The Rules:

-You link back to the person who tagged you.
-Post these rules on your blog.
-Share six random things (I changed it up) about yourself.

1. I worked two jobs my Senior year of high school. Don't do it kids, it's hell. How I pulled off an almost 4.0, I don't know.

2. I have an announcing test today for the campus radio station. I'm in a training class and will hopefully be an on-air radio personality come this summer. -- guess where I go to school. :p

3. I'm a hardcore Christian. I am all about the relationship with Jesus and not the traditional aspect of Religion. I believe in loving fellow believers and loving non-believers even more. My Christianity is what got me through my somewhat suicidal stage in Middle School (wow I've never told anyone that).

4. I used to work at an Ice Cream shop back home, and I loved it. My boss was awesome. The people were awesome. And, I eventually became a shift lead. MaggieMoo's--better than ColdStone! HA!

5. Most of my best friends are Asian. I come from a very diverse town in New Jersey, but the Asian population is starting to dominate. Our Mayor is Korean. In Middle School I was called the Chocolate Covered Banana because I acted very "Asian", but wasn't. LOL

6. I'm obsessed with Fiber. If I read a food label that has a good amount of fiber in it, I will buy it!

What is the story behind the name of your blog and nickname?

I've been blogging for years, but stopped for a good 2 years and I wanted to start up again. At the time I was angry at my parents for trying to dictate my future. My parents don't approve of Fashion as a hobby, so whenever I was in the computer room spending endless hours on, my mom would ask what was I doing, and I would have to lie because if I told her I was looking at collections she would give me a LONGG speech on how I can't make Fashion a career.

What has been your best and worst blogging experience?

Best: All the support I've been getting from fellow bloggers, and meeting interesting bloggers.

Worst: Not getting any hits the first couple of weeks. I didn't really care because I wrote for my own sake, but I wanted to find someone to share my thoughts with. And no one was reading my blog, so I couldn't share my thoughts.

What do you think/ want to happen to your blog in 2008?

Honestly, I don't know. I have a bad habit of looking into the future and over analysing my personal steps, but this time I'm just going to ride it out. Hopefully, my hits will go up and up and people will share their thoughts with me.

You've been tagged (for both):

Fabulously Broke in the city

I feel like everyone's been tagged for this. So, I'm only tagging one for now.


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