Friday, April 4, 2008

What A Week!

Great. Just great. This has been one of the worst weeks of my life. I dealt with possible fraud, I didn't pass--receive a 90 or higher--the trainee exam for wrhu, and today I found out I did not receive the Orientation Leader position at my school. I should be upset and discouraged, but no; that is not my personality.

As many of you know, I was scammed by this model and talent agency. I contacted an attorney, my parents and received legal advice. So everything is okay and if I have extra time, I will figure out a way to put that company out of business. I truly feel bad for all the other people who are being scammed. I was lucky enough to realize it THAT day and spring into action IMMEDIATELY. So Much To Come was also a sweetheart who offered some great advice and it was GREATLY appreciated darling. This whole ordeal basically ended with the guy screaming at me, "IF YOU EVER DECIDE TO GET INTO THIS INDUSTRY, DON'T CONTACT US!" **click**. So professional right?

I was in a 6 week campus radio training class, did all the extra-credit quizzes, did all the required field work--finished it weeks ahead of time, attended study sessions, studied my head off (sorta), and because I didn't receive a grade of 90 or higher, I will have to take the quiz over again. But this time, instead of the quiz being 100 questions, it will be either 50 or 100 SHORT ANSWER questions. What sucks is that all this information is something I can forget once I'm completely done with the training process. Ya know, this reminds me of my Driver's exam; the only difference is I passed the first time, but how many of you can honestly tell me you remember the exact rule for something like parking near a stop sign?! Yea, the wrhu exam is basically technical information like that.

Because I did not receive an Orientation Leader (OL) position this Summer on campus, I am now relocating all the Summer internships I wanted and transferring my resume and cover letters to PDF files! I've got to get them out tomorrow so that the employers receive them first thing Monday morning! I was banking on getting this job because I honestly thought I was over qualified, but I guess there were people who were even better qualified than me! Being an OL would have been so much fun, but hopefully I get an internship this Summer and can devote all my energy to that!





It rained in the morning today and I got to wear my Hunter boots! I absolutely love my top; it's from SJP's line Bitten! I love her line and I LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker!!

My Paint Shop Pro x2 arrived today; so, that means lots of artsy-esque photos of me and my outfits to come! My good friend, who's an UHMAZING photographer, and I are going to try and have weekly photo shoots. So... imagine: my outfits + my crazy poses + paint shop pro = CRAZY BANANAS!!

I was thinking about getting rid of the music on my site. What do you think?

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