Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I Don't Understand

2. "The City" A spin-off of a spin-off? I'm over this whole Hills era. It's all MTV has going for their channel, so I guess I could see why they are milking this type of reality TV. I miss the days when MTV would play music videos in the morning or late at night.

3. British health authorities. This man was denied medicine and treatment because when the British government weighs out the cost for his medical needs and his LIFE, they choose not to help him pay for his medicine/treatment. Apparently, his LIFE isn't worth it. Yeah, this is exactly why I'm against national health care.

4. Why Marc Jacobs would choose Madonna as the new face for the Louis Vuitton campaign. Did anyone see her on Britney Spears' documentary, "Britney: For The Record?" She has no facial expression. I still love Madonna and think she's a pop icon, but why her? Why THAT face?

5. Uhm, a gift certificate for an abortion? Planned Parenthood is selling $25 gift certificates for their clinics nationwide. And guess what? These certificates can be used to pay for abortions or any other services you receive from Planned Parenthood. Yay or nay to this?


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