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Balmain Fall 2010
I love a good Power Femme. It's a good look and a good attitude.

To me, a PF is a woman who takes her life by the horns and lives her life the way she wants it to be lived. She doesn't let anyone dictate her next earth shattering move. My current favorite Power Femme is Christina Aguilera. She has reinvented herself so many ways and manages to stay on top. I not only lover her AMAZING singing voice, but also that she is always trying to empower woman. You can agree with me or not. If you don't, listen to this song.

Needless to say, I'm sort of a Feminist. I'm not a bra burning and male hating Feminist. Although, I don't think that's the correct way to describe any Feminist because if you believe in equal rights for all genders, then you are technically a Feminist.

Anyway, I questioned my Feminist ways last year as I sat in my Intro to Women's Studies class. I'll take you back with me...

My mind is somewhere else. This crazy weather (cold then hot then cold again) has got me sniffing and wiping my snot-infested nose. And being in the basement of an academic building listening to two professors (that's right. I have TWO professors for one class) rant about post-feminism bullshit is the last place I want to be. At least I've got my good friends sitting behind and next to me. We're obnoxiously loud in class with our laughs--like it's high school all over again.

Professor A is a tiny silver-haired lady with eyes that bug out like a mad African man (dad, is that you?). I've never seen her make eye contact with any of us students. She's always staring at the back wall, forcing me to constantly look back to see if there's anything there. There isn't. Professor B is another tiny lady who is much younger and a little off beat with her nose ring and disheveled short chestnut-colored hair. Both nice.

We're in the middle of discussing Sojourner Truth (I think) when Professor A blurts out (like she always does), "I have a question for you!" Great. We'll never get back on topic. "Why do women wear heels?"

My focus went from my chocolate chip muffin to her. What did she just say? And like she heard my thoughts she repeated, "Whyyyy do women wear heels?!"

I shoved the last piece of my muffin in my mouth, swallowed and raised my hand instantly. I mean, I am the shoe queen. "Well, I don't know about other women but I wear them for personal reasons. I love the extra height, the way I look and the way I feel." Proud of my answer, my focus went right my to my muffin. Are there any crumbs? GOD, I'm hungry.

"Hmm. Interesting." Professor A said. Other girls in class began to answer. Some liked the length it gave their legs and some, actually a lot, responded that they just liked them because they did and never thought about it.

"Well." Professor A began. "Why do you feel the need to wear heels? You should not feel the need to wear heels. It doesn't do anything for you other than make your feet hurt. They are pointless. That's all I wanted to say."

Stop. Did she just? I mean, really. Did I just get chastised for liking heels? Oh. No. My hand shot up. "I mean, it's not like I FEEL the NEED to wear heels. I wear them because I like them. I wear them because they are cute. I wear them because I love shoes. There's no deeper meaning to the reason I wear heels, other than it's for sartorial reasons."I can get a little sassy in class.

Professor A responded, "All right, but don't blame me when you have feet problems in the future." Too late. My arch hurts when I wear flats.

That discussion turned me off for the rest of the semester. Any woman who looks down on heels and ridicules me for my fantastic footwear decisions was dead in my book. I began to think, was I not a Feminist because I believe in wearing heels is a woman's GOD given right? Later in class we got into the discussion of marriage. Let's just say that I got put down because I wanted to have a "traditional" wedding ... 

This is when I realized that being a Feminist wasn't about oppressing the "traditional" aspects of being a woman. To me, being a Feminist means believing in equal rights for women in society. I'm not saying chivalry should die because I truly adore a man who holds the door for me. Seriously. When a man holds the door open for me I look at them like they are my knight in shinning armor. But, I think that a woman should be allowed to feel like she can fulfill her woman-like duties, whatever that may be, without the burden of betraying her fellow Feminist Fatales. Thus, the birth of the Power Femme.


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