Thursday, December 20, 2007

Greetings from the Garden State

Hello Future Trendsetters,

Ah. It feels good to be home in the state of New Jersey where we don't pump our own gas and there's no taxing on practically everything (I think). Seriously, shopping in New York may be fun, but it makes me sad when I look at the receipt and see how much I spent. Going to school in New York has made me realize how much I truly love being a chick from Jersey.

Christmas is almost here, and I am sort of not in the spirit just yet. I think I need a little bit of Church and my dad continuously playing Mariah Carey's Christmas CD, which by the way is absolutely amazing; I'm not sure if it's because her voice is incredible or how joyous the whole CD is. Either way, one should go out and buy it (I am an advocate for buying CDs!).

Anyway, so I could tell you all what I want for Christmas, but I am not quite sure, but I do know that I need a new Winter coat (This would be the part where I show you all the different styles of coats that are in for this season and the ones that I want, but I'm not going to because that'll be my secret and I will show you all next week which one I got!).

On the other hand, I seriously want a leather coat. I know what you are thinking; why the heck does she want a leather coat? Well my little trendsetters, I assure you leather coats that are cropped or in bomber style are going to be the new hit this winter (I would ask for a leather coat for Christmas, but they are far too expensive!). Seriously, let's picture this. You're going out with your girls dancing and you're in this cropped or bomber leather coat and you've got your 3"heels on looking effortlessly stylish and well the coat makes you look badass. It says I am fabulous, classy and sexy. I prefer this one from Express:

So tell me, do you think it is worth the asking price of almost $200? I do.

Well, as always...

Stay Lovably Fashionable,
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