Friday, December 21, 2007


Top of The Mornin' Future Trendsetters,

First, let me apologize for the poorly html-ed out blog. I need to be on my lap top to truly get this blog all decked out, but there are complications right now. However, that really shouldn't bother you that much because it's what I have to say that matters! I hope, haha.

Doesn't it seem like society has recently become Fashion obsessed? Just throwing a random question out there. Well anyway, today when I went shopping with my brother for a Winter coat as my Christmas gift (I know it kills the surprise, but whatever.), I realized how clothing has become transgenderish. I'm not sure if it because the coat I wanted ended up being from the male section of The Gap, but clothing has taken a slight sex change. What do I mean? Well okay, first let's take a look at the whole male skinny jean. I personally do not understand this look, but for some men it does work. Skinny jeans used to just be for women, but apparently not anymore. I just have one question to all those men who wear skinny jeans; where do you place your package? Haha! Although, I am not a fan of the male skinny jean, I am a fan of men in form fitting t-shirts. Nothing is better than seeing a well-toned man in a form fitting t-shirt that embelishes all of his great torso attributes. MMM! Oh yea, and it's extra chic. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that I love.

Secondly, I am all for women wearing boyish looking outfits (As long as it has its feminine flare.). Victoria Secret has the right idea with creating the boyfriend sweats. These baggy hip hugging sweats give a woman the feel of ultra chic comfort. The bagginess of certain men's clothing aids me in not feeling self-conscious about how my body looks. Also, a lot of men's coats have what seems like 239472389 times the number of pockets a normal women's coat has. Fair? I THINK NOT! Haha. Anyway, even though I love wearing men's clothing, I wouldn't recommend making your entire wardrobe masculine, unless that is your sort of thing. Otherwise, keep the man inside of you locked up, only letting him out every now and then.

Well as always...

Stay Lovably Fashionable,

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