Friday, December 21, 2007

BOOTiful ya?

Good Evening Future Trendsetters,

As I sit here listening to Hilary Duff's Album Dignity--which you should all go out and buy because it is absolutely amazing--I am wondering what is my purpose for this blog besides my own self-fulfillment of writing about one of my true passions. Well honestly, I want this blog to eventually have pictures of real people who are real trendsetters. I don't mind looking at celebrities for fashion insight, but I honestly think that normal people are who we should be looking at for our next fashion move. The normal people in the world are the true fashionistas! Or, secretistas as I like to call them. I'll be prowling the streets of New York next month looking for those hidden fashionistas.

Phew, now that that's out of the way. Tonight I went shopping with my dad for my Christmas present (I know once again the surprise factor is killed.). I really didn't know what I wanted for Christmas because as I get older, I find that I don't think about it. I did however think of what I need. I know I needed flat boots. Why? Well, the ones I bought last year I wore them to a pummel like I do every year with my boots. However, this time I decided to go a little more expensive and get leather ones that I know will not ruin after a year, haha. The boots are from Guess? and have gold zippers on both sides of the boot and are right-below-the-knee length; I think they are too die for. They make me happy because now I have two pairs of boots (I have a pair of wedged boots.). Wearing boots always makes me feel sexy, and I think every woman should try wearing a good pair of boots because you'll feel instantly unstoppable! I can't wait to wear them with everything, because well they virtually go with just about anything! The picture to the right shows what the boots sort of look like, plus this image that I took from Catwalk Queen shows you how they could be worn.

Well as always...

Stay Lovably Fashionable,
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