Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pierce me, please.

Hey There Trendsetters,

I spent almost the entire day at the salon! My mother and I arrived at 1:30PM and didn't return home until 8PM; the salon was packed! Our hair stylist had other clients before us and it didn't look like he was going to be finished anytime soon. It seemed like everyone was getting their hair done just in time for Christmas. Well, while I was at the salon waiting for 4 hours until it was my turn in his chair, I fed my fashion hunger with all the magazines he had in the salon; Vogue, TeenVogue, Lucky, & etc. They were all there! YUM! However, I couldn't fully enjoy it because my mom was over my shoulder giving her two cents! Love ya mom, but sometimes you need to SHH! Haha. Anyway, it seemed like all the issues were giving advice as for the proper Holiday attire. I think that is great because they really do help in picking the right outfit for the right party, but the reason I mention this is because I am making a disclaimer as to the fact that I will not be talking about any Holiday attire. If you haven't realized what to wear to that holiday party by now or you haven't gotten your fashionable gifts for that special someone by now, well you're shit out of luck! Plain & simple. =)

On another note, I have recently fell in love with the female duo group The Pierces. They are absolutely amazing! Their music is very serene and catchy; to be politically correct their type of genre is Adult Alternative. These two ladies Allison and Catherine Pierce are not only musically talented but fashion forward too! I was reading an article on them in a magazine that I can't remember the name to, but their fashion style is a mix of Bohemian and Modern. I think the fact that their parents were self-proclaimed hippies might have something to do with it, but either way they are fashionably on point! All you Gossip Girl lovers may remember their songs "Secrets" and "Three Wishes" from the December 5, 2007 episode. The Pierces have been around since 2000 and I am wondering why this year is the first time I am hearing of them?! I am currently listening to their recent album which you should all go out and buy because buying CDs is the right thing to do! Well, that is all pour moi.

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