Thursday, January 17, 2008


Vest: Macy's/American Rag
Shirt: Target/Mossimo
Tank: Kohesion
Pants: Mandee
Boots: Guess?

Yes, I wore my boots again. I couldn't resist. Some guy on campus complimented my boots and said they looked like Superhero boots, haha! These darn boots just go with everything, and they complete me (oh, and my outfit too). If I wanted to, I think I could go the whole winter wearing them, but that would be boring, and I think my other shoes would start to feel neglected (that is, if they have feelings-haha). However, I think I ruined them just a tad by walking around the city. Well, good thing shoe repairers still exist. When's the last time you went to a shoe repairer? Yea, I don't remember the last time I went to one either, or even having the need to. But, I need to, and I love my boots, so I will.

Anywayy, this got me thinking about my love for boots. Just as how much I love my heels, I think I love my boots even more. A good boot can make or break an outfit. Wait no, I think it can always make an outfit. Because God felt like he needed to, he gave me long legs that contain a different measurement in reference to my hips and waist (this is why I hate going jean shopping). I often end up chucking my jeans after a couple months because they shrink in the wash, causing the inevitable high-waters, or, my legs grow (haha, which ever one comes first, beats me). HOWEVER, I solve this problem by putting on a pair of boots; now, no one can see the disgusting sight of my high waters and I save money by not buying more jeans.

The one boot I do not understand is the UGG. I think they are UGGly (although a lot of girls on the island wear them and I have gotten used to them), and the knock-offs, are just even UGGlier. But, on one of my favorite sites for online shopping,, they have an UGG knock off, and for some reason, I find these intriguing. Ehh, I think it might just be the vibrant blue color. What do you think?

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