Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have nothing to really say. I am bored here at school, all alone in my room because it's winter session and there's like 2 people on campus (not really).

Working in the Student Accounts office here makes me feel like an intern. I guess this is what it is going to be like when I start interning in a couple of years. I actually don't mind getting the shit end of the stick in these particular situations (crazy I know). This is because, well it gives me an opportunity to prove myself and show how much of a non-lazy ass person I am (I can't stand lazy-lazy-lazy people). I also like organizing things, and that's what student aids (& interns) like me basically do (besides running errands and other ish). Ya know, organization makes me happy; I sometimes wonder if I am OCD (haha, mmm may be.).

Speaking of organization, I think organization is very important when it comes to your closet! My closet is usually split up by pants & what type of cut the top is. All my turtlenecks are together; all my jeans are hung next to each other (the ones I wear more closer together); I have some jeans in a drawer because well my school doesn't give enough closet space!! Ya know, a Secretista has got to have her closet space!! Anywayyyy, my crew & v-neck tops are together; my dresses together; and you get the point. But seriously, if your closet/drawer is organized, it makes it easier to find that LBD (little black dress). Your clothes are like children, they derserve to be well-kept.

Well, I'm off to bed. This chica's got work in the morning (Yay?).

I'm going to the Imax theatre here tomorrow to watch I Am Legend. Gotta love that Will Smith. Hmm... what to wear?

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