Wednesday, January 2, 2008


WOO!! IT'S 2008 & IT'S TIME FOR SOME TRANSFORMATION! (what else is new? Haha!) I swear every year I tweek who I am to what I like; this chica my friend is on a quest for self-discovery! --blog interruption-- I am watching Project Runway and it's the episode where Sarah Jessica Parker makes an appearance, and it still gives me chills. This woman is a fashion genius! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that her clothing line Bitten actually represents her! (Hehe--I own two shirts!) -- ANYWAY!! BACK TO THE NEW YEAR!

I'm excited for the new year!! Resolutions? I don't think so. Okay may be one: be healthier! My motto for this year is Love Thy Self. I love myself so much that I want my inside to feel as fabulous as I do on the outside! ;]
What are the purposes of resolutions?

If I have any readers, I am curious to hear how you rang in the new year!

I spent mine in wedged leather boots, black pants, a white mini dress, and a vintage scarf (as you can see form above). It's Night-life meets vintage?

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