Monday, December 31, 2007

Inspirational See-Saw

So, I've been on this personal whirl-wind. Pressures from my family to identify a major has gotten me all turmoiled. Church today inspired me to continue this blog and build it to what I really want it to be like, then my insecurities creep up and make me wanna stop. Don't insecurities suck?!

Well, yesterday, the mall wasn't that much mayhem like I thought it would be. I was desperately searching for a leather jacket when I stumbled upon one way back in H&M (truly a great store!). It fit me perfectly; it was so chic that I couldn't believe it! I thought that my inner-ista's desire to have a leather jacket was completely dumb and when I would try on the jacket I would look like a fool, but I didn't! The only thing about the jacket was that it was faux leather (which I don't mind), but faux leather doesn't stretch like real leather. Therefore meaning that it would only be a matter of time until I ripped the jacket with my Arnold Schwarzenegger-like arms.

So my journey continued to Target because Frugal Fashionista said that Target carried them. However, what Frugal Fashionista mistakenly forgot to mention was the fact it might not be available in all stores; I was greatly disappointed. Well, looks like I am just going to have to venture out to H&M in the city or on the island and hope that they carry the leather jacket in a bigger size. I could always just buy the Target leather jacket online, but as much as I love buying clothes online, nothing beats trying on the article of clothing in the store and looking at yourself and feeling wonderfully chic!

Happy New Year's Eve!
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