Thursday, December 27, 2007

As Told By...

This girl never sleeps! Why am I still up? I can't seem to break the habit of sleeping before 4AM. I know I am on vacation, but when will this late-night madness stop? Seriously. I wonder if my mind Subconsciously waits for As Told By Ginger to play on the Nicktoon Channel at 4AM or if it just enjoys making my body sleep till 2 in the afternoon! Whatever it be, I must say that I do enjoy As Told By Ginger. This show follows Ginger Foutley as she experiences Lucky Jr. High and records the events in her diary. OH! And to top it off, the characters change outfits EVERY TIME the day changes (except for Ginger's brother and friend(s), but that's okay because their characters look like they WOULD wear the same outfits everyday--ew?)! I used to wait for this show to come on, but I never knew when it would play. I recently found out it was cancelled last November! What?! I thought it was cancelled a long-long time ago. Well, if you ever get a chance, and are up, watch it on the Nicktoon network at 4AM.

I remember as a child, when I wasn't allowed to watch all the "grow-folk" channels, I would look at cartoons as for inspiration as my outfit for the next day in school. As Told By Ginger was my favorite (although, the outfits are kinda tacky)! The show opened my mind to outfit possibilities and creativities (is that a word?). A shirt doesn't have to be worn the way it was designed; I learned to make certain items into my own style as a child because of this show. Thanks, Ginger. UH-OH! It's coming on really soon!

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