Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Holiday ... has begun!

Merry Christmas Trendsetters,

The Holidays is about love (Christ) and joy, but every year I have the same feeling: loneliness. As I sat in my room at 9PM of Christmas Eve watching The Holiday on Starz network, I felt a pit in my stomach as I consistently sobbed from the pleasantly welcomed romantic-heartrending emotions that overcame me. What is really sad is that, even though I dislike feeling loveless, I more so dislike the fact that I actually enjoy watching people be or fall in love. (HOW SICK IS THAT?!)

Well, not only was this movie so wonderfully fulfilling for my love-sick heart, it introduced me to one of the sexiest elder men I have ever laid my eyes on. I am talking about Jude Law ladies; yes, I know, he's been on the Hollywood scene for a while now, but I never noticed how sexy he was, until now! (Chest hair and everything!) I think I just have a thing for European men, but that is besides the point. It might have something to do with the fact that he was impeccably styled in this movie. His charm was assisted by his chic Men's Pea Coat (along with various scarves) he wore throughout the movie and the (what looked like to me) boot cut jeans and dress shirts. I LOVE A MAN WHO CAN DRESS! Well, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVLIES! And, don't open your presents too fast, you might rip that new Christmas sweater Grandma made you =p. I'll leave you all with some lovely eye candy.

I hope he's under my tree this morning! (Yea, right.)
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