Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Fellow January Baby--Atoosa Rubenstein

Thirty-six years ago, a wonderful and inspiring woman was born on this date (go Aquariuses!). We all know and love her and can't help but be uplifted by her words of wisdom. The woman I'm talking about is Atoosa Rubenstein. And if you haven't heard about her by now, then what rock have you been lying under?!

I usually don't like to write about other people unless I feel the need; and, with Atoosa, I do. She may not know it, but about 3 or 4 years ago I was a Sophomore in high school (and partially depressed I might say. I was obsessed with being perfect). Junior year was approaching and I realized that soon I would have to start thinking about college (plus, I like to think about everything in advance--not always a good thing my friends). By coincidence, around the same time this thought was racking my brain, I received the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine. In this issue was the first time I noticed an Editor's Letter. I mean sure, I read Seventeen like it was the Bible, but I never truly paid attention to the people behind this great magazine. However, the day I read the letter, something filled me inside that I can't truly describe. My inner-ambitious self was inspired and I became curious about the people who were behind Seventeen and any other magazine, but especially Seventeen. Atoosa's writing was so upbeat and interjected with a lot of parentheses and hyphens (similar to my writing style), I felt like I was reading a letter from an older version of me--quite possibly someone who could have very well been my older sister; she delivered words of encouragement and words that brought laughter.

Later on, I wrote her an e-mail (not expecting a response), and she responded in such a timely manner that I was shocked and excited! The e-mail--which was very personal with my name and about how I was a Sophomore in high school and how she was impressed by my early inquisition--talked about how her college life and where she began and all the good stuff; printed and tacked on my wall the e-mail would remain. It was visible to me everyday I woke and everyday I went to bed. I was so excited with this new found insider news, that I told my mom I too wanted to be an Editor. However, She basically told me that that idea was unrealistic (harsh, but I know she meant well). I was so upset by this that I ripped the printed e-mail and threw it away. I was so discouraged, and I figured my mother knew best so I discarded my new found dream of maybe becoming an Editor.

Fast forward to the next issue of Seventeen I received, there was another lovely Editor's letter, and once again I was inspired and she made me realize that if this is what I wanted, and I was pretty sure (even though I was only a Sophomore in high school), that I should not let anyone put me down and that I should go after my dream. So, I wrote her another e-mail. However, by this time she had become ridiculously famous and I could tell the e-mail was pre-written, but it was similar to what she had told me before, but it still wasn't the same.

All in all, Atoosa Rubenstein has inspired me like no other person on Earth (besides God and my parents). I don't know if anyone will ever truly understand how much respect and admiration I hold for this woman, for it's beyond the level of just being another fan.

I'm not sure if I still want to be an Editor, but I do know that I too can achieve success like Atoosa. And although she has left Seventeen, I do not feel betrayed nor rejected, for this woman is more than the pages of Seventeen. She has began her own production company Big Momma's Productions and has started the Alpha Kitty movement that I love and identify with. I am anxiously waiting the opening of the official site, because I can't wait to see what else Ms. Atoosa Rubenstein has to offer the world.

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