Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If It's Your Birthday Make Some Noise!

WOO! I'M ONE YEAR OLDER TODAY!! 19--not that exciting my friends.

Well, for my birthday (I truly didn't know what I wanted--may be a new digital camera, but those are expensive), I told my parents I wanted to fix my watch they bought for me a couple years back. It's a Dooney & Burke, and it was almost $200 and it's encrusted with swarovski crystals, and even though the battery died and the strap was all nasty, I was not gunna throw it away! This baby deserves to live! Plus, if my parents found out I threw out a $200 watch, they would kill me. My watch was black; it wasn't white like the picture. Although, I think it looks even better in white, but whatever.

So, I go back to school tomorrow. I'm excited to start new endeavors, because I like new things and I found that I am addicted to change. Well, may be not addicted, but I am very fond of it. I do like to keep certain things the same, but you know what I mean (I hope because I don't think I do--haha!).

My birthday is off to a good start. I found out that yesterday I got the look of the day on Fabsugar. YAY! When I look back on this outfit, I wonder why I wore it. I think I felt like I neglected the shirt, because I tend to do that with clothing. I love it in the store, but get used to wearing my other stuff, that I forget I have it. And without the vest, the outfits, boring, kinda. Well, Thanks Fabsugar!! That was a nice belated birthday present!

Moving on, Gwen Stefani, posted her new music video on her website, and the video is filled new Fashion trends. The leather jacket, the boots, etc. The video is just straight FAB. Hmm, I wonder if it's because I'm a hardcore fan? Either way, she looks amazing, the video is amazing, and the voluminous dress and the one soulder sleeve dress are JUST STRAIGHT FABULOSITY! Good job Gwen!!

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