Thursday, January 24, 2008


Tonight, I went through hell, and came back. It was above 100º degrees and I felt like I was on fire. My body poured out the sweat in waterfalls. So much, that all my pores opened up and my menstruation-proned breakout kind of disappeared. Well my friends, the hell I am talking about is Bikram Yoga. For those who don't know, Bikram Yoga, is yoga, but in a room with a high temperature and much more difficult poses than the regular yoga. i.e, this picture:

Tonight was my first night and I thought I could handle it, because I'm pretty athletic, but OH-MY-GAH! All the toxins in my body were being set free and my body reacted by making me feel nauseous and dizzy. Although it was 90 minutes of hell, and I barely survived, I kinda liked it. Yes, I said I liked it. I feel lighter already (except for my dinner of some packed home cooked food and my left over birthday cake--haha!). I guess, I will dish out the $170 or more for a couple months of yoga.

Now, why am I mentioning this? Well, my new semi pro-health movement within myself is to make me look fabulous in the Spring (and not be out of shape of course)! I know, it's easier to be lazy in the Winter because it's cold outside (especially if you're in the North), but you've got to fight the power! Because if you don't, you'll be regretting it when Spring comes around and you have extra baggage that you wished wasn't there! Although, designers are creating pieces that are flattering to the body and hide the lovely imperfections. ;]

picture courtesy of Popsugar

Why so 'blue' Lily? You look fab!
What do you think of Lily's new look?
P.S. Check out all the weight she lost. Apparently she had a heart murmur and her life was in danger.

I'm not promoting being thin in this post.
I'm promoting getting healthy, darn it!


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