Friday, January 25, 2008

Check--Me Out!

I look constipated in my action shot, haha!

Scarf: Target
Shirt: Mossimo
Tunic?: Joyce Leslie
Leggings: Joyce Leslie
Boots: Guess? (DUH!)

Today, I had an 8 hour training session for my tour guiding job on campus. It was informative, but ultimately LONG!

The checkered top I wore kind of reminds me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! Except, her dress was blue, and the pattern on my top is MUCH smaller than the pattern of her dress. Well, this got me thinking; is the checkered pattern making a come back? Plaid has made its return, but does that mean there's a right of passage for this picnic blanket of look to return as well? I don't know. But I do know, if done right, checkered can look decent, like my top (I hope).

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