Monday, March 24, 2008

Bring on The Spring!


It may be a little breezy outside, but it looks and feels (sorta) like Spring! I used to not be a fan of Spring because I'm a Winter weather type of gal and I'm one of the many in the world with Seasonal Allergies, but for some reason, I've seriously become a fan of Spring. Could it be the joyous sounds of the birds chirping me awake or could it be the fabulous sundresses I get to wear day in and day out? I'm not sure. This admiration for Spring came to me today as I skipped my Math class to study for my Chinese exam--which I did poorly on because of the lack of sleep ;(. I was walking to class and I walked past a tree with its flowers budding and a bird at the tippie-top chirping its head off. There was something serene and calming about this. It put a smile on my face and made me anticipate the arrival of real Spring weather! So Mother Nature, hurry your butt up with the fabulous Spring weather; my sundresses are getting antsy in my closet!

Are you excited for Spring?


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