Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Campus Relations: Get Involved

Like Miss Couturable, I should be on break--studying and what not--but honestly, blogging is essential to my sanity; I need it to relieve my Journalistic tendencies.

As the year winds down (I only have a week of classes left), I scramble to finish my final papers, projects, and homework assignments. I can't believe my first year of College is almost over. I feel like it was just yesterday that I met my roommate for the first time. I still remember how awkward we felt with each other because we didn't know each other's quirks and dislikes. Things have changed since then, and I'm sure we'll be friends for the next 3 years--may be even best friends.

I'd have to say my first year wasn't too bad. In fact, it might have been darn near perfect. I had a really good transition; I became really involved and met a lot of different people! I never truly realized that I was involved in so many organizations on campus until yesterday. I had an interview yesterday for a position on campus in the Undergratuate Admissions office, and one of the lovely ladies, who I absolutely adore, asked me, "So tell us what you are involved in on campus."

I sighed because I'm passionate about all my clubs and I could talk for days! Nevertheless my response was as follows, "Well, I'm a part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Hofstra Chronicle, Makin' Treble: Hofstra's 1st all-women's a Capella group, I tour guide with you guys, I'm on the E-board of my residential building hall council, I also take pictures/write for the yearbook, and I plan on starting a Fashion magazine next Fall (Yes, I let the cat out of the bag. This is secret PRC and I have been withholding, but now you all know.)."

"Whoa! And you're a Freshman?"
"Yeaa, and I plan on getting involved in more things!" :)

Next Fall, I've got to get re-involved in the belly dancing club and possibly add Women of Action to my agenda. Not to mention (many of you already know) I'll be a RA, an on-air radio personality for WRHU, and the Assistant Editor of the Editorial/OP-ED section of Hofstra's Chronicle. Oh, and I'll be working as Deputy Features Editor of up and coming JAYE Magazine! Hopefully with a Fall internship, my days will be even MORE exciting! I don't know how I manage a decent GPA that lands me on the Dean's List, but I'm just glad that I do all these things that help me make connections and hopefully life long friends. Oh, not to mention I make my parents' really proud, and that always makes me happy :).

So why am I bringing this all up?
Well, next week I'll be representing one of my many clubs at a wonderful award ceremony the school will be hosting.

One of the girls (who's graduating) that was nominated for Woman of The Year, is also a fellow volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sister, and today we had a conversation that went something like this,

"Oh, Veronica you're graduating in like 2 weeks. Excited?!" :)
"Yes and no."
"Why? You'll now be in the real world!"
"Yea, but I'll miss my friends."
"Aww... well, I can't believe my first year is almost over." :(
"Oh yea that's right, you're a Freshman, and you're really involved in a lot of stuff on campus right?"
"Yea, why?"
"Well, just make sure it stays that way. I always tell incoming Freshman, you need to get involved. What good are you if all you do is wake up and go to class?"

And quite frankly, she's right.

I can't wait for the award ceremony because I want to see all the lovely faces of students that are passionate about student activities as much as I am. So what am I trying to say here (if you haven't realized it by now)? All of those who are in school or going away to school: you need to get involved. It's essential to your education. You build great ties and bonds with people, and you never know how that can help you in the future. And as I say to most of the Prospective students and parents on my tours, "Let's face it, you are here in College to have fun, make friends, get an education, and most importantly, market yourself."

But don't get me wrong, I know a ton of great people that aren't really involved in anything; I guess it's just a personal preference of mine.


I wore a maxi dress today! Well, I had a shirt and jacket over it, but my Big Brothers/Big Sisters program was with the male soccer team today. Haha, so you know I had to look cute and feminine. :)


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