Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Still On Hiatus

Today marked the official end of my Freshman year. Well, for classes at least. I've still got about 5 papers--5 to 7 pages each--to write. Most of them due the day of the final, but I am determined to bang them all out this weekend! Ha.

I still can't believe the end is here; my Big Brothers/Big Sisters program as well ended today and my 'little' isn't coming back next year because he will be playing drums in the band (so proud of him), so therefore, it was an emotional day.

I will like to enlighten you all on a wonderful online magazine:

This online magazine is geared towards the teen demographic. It's got everything a teen--tween(?) wants. From Fashion to simple advice, this online magazine has it going on. What I love is that their Fashion section actually gives teens insight on Fashion Week. I actually don't know many or any teen magazines that supply some tidbits from the abroad Fashion Week shows. Plus, they also have an online community within their site! I guess you could say is kind of like Facebook meets Seventeen.

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