Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm up doing some extra credit work--YES, EXTRA CREDIT, PAHAHA. Why I find that funny? I'm not sure. Anyhow, yesterday I met with Pink Rock Candy, and I'm glad to say that she's completely and utterly normal and so cute! Our meeting wasn't awkward or anything. But, I will say I think she's crazy for communiting an hour to school 3 days a week! However, she is saving a whole lot of money, so she's pretty smart. Must say, when our little project has begun, our force will be something to not mess with. YAHH!


My extra credit work consists of compiling a weeks worth of Japanese news articles and summarizing them (what fun--heh). And while searching, I came upon a really--really interesting article. Chie Imai is a Japanese designer that uses what she calls "Ecological Fur". She uses real chinchillas to create her pieces, but on her fabric she uses recycled material. I can't blame the woman; fur has been a part of human culture for a long time and if you can't use faux fur, why not use none other than recycled threads? Of course she was lashed at for using fur by the animal right's organizations, but I kind of find her explanation logical.

"We aren't destroying anything. Aren't you going to eat meat? Wear belts or shoes?"
Just like you can't force people to not eat meat or not shower everyday (ew), you can't force people to not wear fur. As for me, I can't afford fur and would look dumb wearing it, so I personally wouldn't wear it. And would you believe that her designs have been worn by great Fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker?! She's been around for sometime and is apparently the "Queen of Fur".

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