Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Obsession

Coming to College with hopes that I might find my future husband (haha!), I thought I would become obsessed with my looks and wear my hair down everyday. Well, the exact opposite happened. I've realized that I don't exactly have time for a man in my life, nor do I care to. Sure, it gets lonely being independent, driven, and self sufficient, but I would feel bad leaving my um, lover (?) in the back burner. Any single ladies agree? Or, do I stand alone on this one?

Okay, well what I'm trying to get at is that I've become obsessed with headbands. I use to wear them on occasion, but recently, I become absolutely obsessed. I wear the same one everyday--only because I haven't gone out to buy more--with my hair twisted up in a banana clip. Of course I'll wear my hair down if I have time or feel like it, but a banana clip and headband is how I like to roll, yo.

Ellie loves the headband too!

I finally got around to writing an article for my school newspaper! I wrote on a topic I brushed over on here last week. Here's a preview of what I wrote:

Actually, Just Google Me

...Okay, so there’s no doubt that we are all guilty of once in a while Googling ourselves and seeing what comes up (heck, I did it just about 5 minutes ago). And if by now you’ve notice things you wouldn’t want other people to find out comes up, why haven’t you changed your name?!—Ha, Okay. But on a serious note, does having our name and access to the internet give our future bosses the right to search our names as well? What if an embarrassing picture from our past surfaces along with the name search? Should we, prospective employees and College students, be judged on that? I think we should; the Internet is all about what we put out there, but then again, what about incidents we can't control? Incidents that might have to do with an article incorrectly written about us. Or, something from our past, i.e. once again, embarrassing pictures....

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