Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do I Inspire? Do I?

Last night was the last hoorah for us RAs before the first-year students move-in and the madness begins! So to make sure I had enough dough (wow, when's the last time I said that?) for the night, a fellow RA and I scrambled over to the student center to hit-up the ATM. As we walked passed the Grad-hall, I saw a friend dressed in this ever-so-cute blue dress.

"Hey, how are you?!"
"I'm good, how are you?"
"Good, good. Oh my god. Wait, turn around! That jacket is so cute! You always look so cute! You put me to shame!!"

... how do you respond to that? I don't know, but I said, "aw, thanks. You look cute too!"

While we walked away I told my fellow RA, "Oy, I hate it when people tell me that my clothing puts them to shame. I want people to be inspired by my clothing, not intimidated."
He said, "well, isn't that what you are doing?"
"By making them feel bad, you're making them want to dress better."
"Hmm. I guess you're right."

And so I wonder, do my outfits inspire you to dress and impress? Even a little bit?

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