Saturday, August 23, 2008

True Life: I'm A Resident Assistant--Update x100?

Well, move-in day for first year students is only 5 days away! My first batch of residents are almost here--yay! My week has been jammed packed with lectures, activities, and "staff ds"--that stands for staff development. Because I've been so busy, I haven't had time to clean and organize my room and it's driving me carazy! I hate clutter more than anything and I feel like everything is out of place; I've got vital papers everywhere! Thankfully, my clothes are nicely organized (hehe). I mean, as if I would allow my clothes to be unorganized and free in my room. HA! My babies deserve to be tucked away in their precious places. *Blows kisses to closet and dressers* However, it was a challenge for me to find the right place for ALL of my clothing (I brought a little too much), but I made it work, and ya know, nothing makes a fashion-lover more happy than an organized closet. Don't cha think?

So in my previous post, the fabulous Imelda Matt asked, "What's a Resident Assistant?" Imelda dear, a Resident Assistant is this:


Ha! I love this picture, but in seriousness, a Resident Assistant (RA), is a student who is hired by the school to make sure that the residents of his or her floor is abiding by the school's policies. However, at my school, it's much more than that. Being hired as an RA is a pretty big deal. Hundreds of students apply and only a little under 100 are hired. We do more than "babysit" and serve as "party police." The RAs at my school are responsible in building a community within their residence hall. We are your mother/father, mentor, counselor, and best friend mold into one! Ultimately, I am responsible for the residence of my floor and make sure that they are living in a healthy, safe, and fun environment. Oh how I love being an RA, and the school year hasn't even begun!

I think the fact that I love my RA staff is the reason I'm loving being an RA. Everyday is a non-stop laughing adventure. I'm learning so much about each of them, as well as, myself and I'm loving every minute of it! They all inspire me to be a better person. They inspire me to be a more spontaneous and a softer better being (if you get to know me, I am a very blunt person and that can come off a little too harsh), while reminding me that every conversation could use a little sarcasm and that gentle and sweet men do exist in this world.


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