Thursday, August 14, 2008

True Life: I'm A Resident Assistant

Well. I LOVE BEING A RESIDENT ASSISTANT! So far, the rest of the (new) RAs of my residence hall are amazing! I can already tell this is going to be a great year. We're bonding and schmoozing (my new favorite word) like no other. As the training goes on, I'm slowly realizing that this coming semester sleep will be a thing of the past. But having this job as an RA will force me to be more responsible and organized, and I'm super excited for that.

Right now, I'm in a building that has 14 floors. Each floor has an RA (except the 13th--that's the lounge area). The RAs have to come up with door tags for their residents' doors and usually, the door tags (and the whole floor in general) has to have a ongoing theme. Well, guess what my theme is? ...CUPCAKES! Also, at the center of the hall, there's a main bulletin board and we are expected to deck it out in our theme. Ohh how I can't wait to decorate it! In fact, I think I might go start it now. But first, I must say hello to some soccer players that are staying 4 floors above me--hehe. I mean... I must go... help... a fellow RA who is staying on that floor with his bulletin board. Yeah... that's it.

Although the training sessions are all day long, my staff knows how to bring the party:


Actually, it was theme day and we dressed up as a birthday party; I was the cupcake (duh)!

P.S. My posting might become sporadic, so bare with me. Please! Love yous :].
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