Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday's Cut

It smells like team spirit. Or, Hofstra Pride to be exact. Yesterday was the most exciting day of my life--next to finding out I got my current internship. My campus was invaded by all of the major news networks (MSNBC, CNN, CBS, C-Span...) and anyone who wanted camera time, their wishes were pretty much granted. Classes were canceled for the day and my school did a really great job of providing students a day filled with election (but fun) related events. For the first time since I've been at my school, I felt like everyone was unified and cared about something. Us college students were like kids in a candy store--if the candy store was politically, media, and free expression induced. Hot damn we'd buy the whole store!

Taken from: The Cut
Photo: Newscom

As you can tell, I am currently in love with The Cut: New York Magazine's Fashion Blog, and I was so surprised when they made a post about how Anna Wintour was at last night's Presidential Debate because this means A.W. and I were in the same proximity and I didn't know it! I think she might have been there to support Obama. I STILL don't know who I am supporting. I'll figure it out, hopefully. Who are you supporting?

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