Monday, December 1, 2008

Killer Shoes

According to Bill Cunningham, a New York Times Photographer, the fashion focus has shifted from the handbag to the shoe. He goes on to say that in particular, the focus is on the heel. Well of course we knew that. Remember Marc Jacob's crazy heel or lack thereof? Anyway, Cunningham showcases some street shots of ladies wearing "killer shoes" and even a cute doggy showing off his or her booties.

And this got me thinking. A shoe can make or break an outfit; it always has and it always will. So it's no surprise that on Black Friday weekend, I only bought shoes (at a good price of course). Two pairs of shoes from Aldo were given the luxury of joining my shoe family. Here's the first member:


I rarely wear sneakers, but when I do, it's either my sequenced Steve Maddens, my Converses, or my Reeboks if I'm feeling extra lazy that day. I'm just happy I have one more comfy pair of shoes that will leave me looking stylish, or uh "fancy" as one of my friends say, as I trek to class. Tell me what you think of my new shoe. A killer or not?


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