Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The U.S Is In A Recession; No Shit.

It was officially announced on Tuesday that the United States is in a recession. And all I have to say is, no shit. By all means, I am an extremely positive person and I didn't want to believe that we were heading towards a recession, but in the back of my head and along with many other Americans, we knew it. The New York Times reports that the Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., promises to make good use of the $700 billion bailout that congress approved. I just hope he keeps his word and doesn't concoct some idea like the stimulus checks, because obviously that didn't work.

Well now that the recession has been established, I've got to start being more frugal with my money. Here are a couple ways I could possibly save some moolah:

1. Eat peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, and 10 minute brown rice for the rest of the school year.
2. Charge my friends $5 to ride in my car.
3. Do laundry ever two weeks (with the amount of clothing I have here with me at school, I could wait).
4. Go to every on campus event with free refreshments during the week and steal the bottled water.
5. Find a Prince Charming who will pay for all of my expenses.

The last one is a stretch but with these steps, I might be able to stick my tongue out at the recession and say, "NEH!"


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