Monday, January 12, 2009

Clip This!

Mondays are always a drag. I never understand why. May be it's because we all get back from our relaxing weekends and are forced to work; whatever it may be. I recently got a job on campus and today was my first day. In other words, the first time I woke up before noon in two weeks. I just knew today would be blah because I was tired and groggy. So to brighten my day, I wore a big red bow clip--à la Minnie Mouse--in my hair. I love hair clips. Clips with flowers, feathers, and bows are what I adore.


This infatuation with hair clips started as a child. My mother is who I have to thank (Thanks ma). She forcefully made me wear hair clips and sure at first I detested this look because well, mama made me do it! But, the hair clips eventually grew on me and I can't imagine my life without at least one in my hair accessories basket. They also add that extra pop to any outfit.

I hope every one's week was off to a good start.

11 days 'til my birthday!
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