Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That's So High School

High School. Four years of my life I do not miss nor regret. The fashion mishaps, the inevitable cliques and the memorable moments. A recent interview on WWD with Jay McCarroll, Project Runway's first winner, has me thinking about life, high school, and the fashion industry. McCarroll said, "...when you say fashion, it kind of connotes that I would like to be part of this fashion industry in NYC, where I would have to play games and, like, talk to a bunch of a--hole vapid girls I don’t want to talk to. "--Hello high school.

I do not think the entire NYC fashion scene if filled with fake-istas, but I can see where he is coming from. And in hopes that one day I will be part of the fashion industry in NYC, the one thing I fear the most is becoming "vapid" and self-absorbed. Let's be honest; the fashion industry is a needed but somewhat superficial industry (that I love). Will I become one of those people that are so consumed by the fashion industry that I forget how much fun fashion can be? I hope not.

In life, do we ever really escape high school?

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