Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break The T Magazine Way

'Tis the month for Spring Break at most schools; except mine.

My Spring Break isn't until April 6, 2009 and at this point I wonder, "Why even have a Spring Break?" By the time I come back from Spring Break, school is practically over. Hmm. Well. I guess April is in the season of Spring and to go without a break until May would drive some students crazy (me included).

Chicago: City of Angels
Photo: T Magazine
Chicago: City of Angels

T Magazine recently released their Spring 2009 travel issue and it makes me wish April 6, 2009 would come... NOW! The issue provides pictures and stories on I-never-thought-about-traveling-there destinations and rockin' fashion picks. Chicago graces the background of the cover and now I'm seriously considering taking a trip to Chicago to go see a former fellow fashion intern. However, I'm the Resident Assistant on duty for most of Spring Break and a trip is not possible. Oh well, there's next year!

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