Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Advice Needed: What To Wear To A 90's Dance

This Friday there's a 90's dance at my school. And of course you know I WILL be there! I love and miss the 90's so much! I miss wearing my over-sized plaid button downs, my hot pink stirrup leggings with painted on flowers that had a matching over-sized white T-Shirt and my oh-so favorite acid washed overalls that were high waters because I've always had long legs. Oh, the good times.

Point being, I'm not exactly sure what I should wear. I know I can pull an outfit together, but I would love to go as a 90's character. Any suggestions?

Secretista Circa 1996

That's a school picture circa 1996. I forgot it was picture day! I may look like a young 90's wreck, but at least I still had a smile on my face--hah.

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