Wednesday, March 25, 2009

F. YOU M.T.A.!

It's official. The M.T.A. has decided to hike up their prices.

According to The New York Times, "The board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted on Wednesday morning to enact a series of fare hikes and service cutbacks needed to keep the transit system from going broke." To keep the transit system from going broke? What about keeping ME from going broke? Thanks.

As of May 31, the MetroCards are going to cost $2.50, not $2.00. Monthly MetroCards are now going to cost $103 instead of $81 (?!?!?!?!). And if you live in the greater New York City areas, this affects the commuter rails as well. I spend way too much time in the city for career and personal purposes and having to pay extra really isn't helping my student budget. I've already cut back on so much and now I'll have to cut back on much more because not commuting to New York City isn't an option for me. UGH!

All I have to say is, F. YOU M.T.A. F. YOU.

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