Friday, July 17, 2009

I LOVE Twitter & Free $h!T

Twitter brought me brownies... for free!

Fairytale Brownies
Didn't take me too long to dive into the brownies!

Last week I told you about Fairytale Brownies and how before becoming a cupcake connoisseur, I was a brownie-loving babe. I might as well say it: I'm no stranger to having an addiction to the sweets. *Ahem* I did just call myself a "cupcake connoisseur" and a "brownie-loving babe." Oh, and I did open a Twitter account in order to follow CupcakeStop. So needless to say, after I stumbled upon the sweet brownie site, I began following them on Twitter--BEST DECISION, EVER!

I immediately began "Tweeting" (is that the right term?) back and forth with Fairytale Brownies when they Tweeted about dark chocolate brownies (blech, dark chocolate).

So in response to that Tweet I said, "Too bad Dark Chocolate tastes horrible."

They happily wrote back,
"When you sweeten it up and make brownies out of it, it's delicious! :)"

Feeling up for a challenge and a firm believer in the statement, "ask and you shall receive," I cheekily said, "
Send me some and I'll be the judge. ;]"

Next thing I know, they're asking for my address and here I am a week later--scarfing down snack-sized brownies of 12 different flavors! YUM, YUM, YUM!!! And I'm not sharing!

And so my dear lovelies, I've come up with a verdict. Anything that provides me with free goodies and feeds my sweet tooth is more than A-Okay with me. Before, I hated Twitter; but now, I LOVE it!


P.S. Perk up those ears for this one college kids. is having a "Back to Campus Cash Giveaway!" From July 14 – September 14, is offering two chances to win every day - enter now for your chance to win the $1,500 grand prize drawing, and then play the Back to Campus Scratch & Win game to see if you pocket up to $100 instantly! YES!!!!

May be I won't have to pay for books this year for once. But then again, who said I actually bought my books? HAH, Just kidding!
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