Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back-To-School Tip By The Book

In two weeks from now, I'll be back at school gearing up for a new school-year (already? Say it ain't so Toto, say-it-ain't-so!). I recently received a by-the-textbook tip from the people at

"The biggest mistake that many students make when purchasing their textbooks is that they wait too long. The secret to reducing the cost of a student’s textbooks is to shop early when the used books are plentiful. Used books save money – big money, especially when the used books are bought online on sites like"

Textbooks by far are one of the biggest expenses a college kid can have next to food and living. I remember my freshman year, I spent a total of $500 on books--my fall semester. $200 being my Chemistry book for the Chemistry class that I dropped a week later. A paperweight that my school wouldn't buyback because the creators of the horrid textbook were already working on a newer edition! HOW DARE THEY?! If only I knew about back then... That's $200 I will never get back. $200 I could have spent on two to three pairs of shoes from Aldo or on a spiffy winter coat from Zara. Woops, I already did that.

Luckily for me, I have a lot of older friends who are the same major as me and relinquish their textbooks to the Secretista Book Fund (that I just made up) when they are done. If I don't already have the book in my possession, I order them online. The books at my school's bookstore are just too darn expensive! So fellow college comrades, yell hooray for a site like

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