Monday, August 3, 2009

The Problem With Jeans

I give up! Jeans suck. I can never find the perfect pair. And when I do, they don't last me more than 6 months because of my thunder thighs and bodacious rump shaker.

Last August, to keep with my high-waisted skinny jean fad, I bought two more pairs for the school year from what I call "The Curvy Girl Store." I say that because all the mannequins look like two giant basketballs landed on their back side. Nevertheless, I thought, "I found THE perfect store. Finally, a place where a girl like me could find jeans that would fit her correctly and will last!" I was wrong. The jeans fit all right, but as far as being everlasting, guess again. The jeans lasted me until December. And when both jeans began to rip, I was low on cash, so I went a good four months not wearing any skinny jeans. Nothing but leggings, tights and the one pair of wide-leg jeans I own (which I might add have lasted me for almost two years).

The Problem With Jeans
One of my favorite pair of jeans. The high-waisted skinny. Yum.

So to get to the point, I've noticed that mostly my skinny jeans tend to rip and end up in my trash can 6 months after the purchase. Could this be because I probably wear them more than once a week? Or could it be the poor quality of the jean? No. I think jeans just suck. They are lovely to wear, but frustrating to buy. Down with jeans!


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