Monday, October 26, 2009

Live In The Moment

Words that I strive to live by, but often fail to.

I love living in the moment, but the anal-retentive side of me does not. As months go by, I've been thinking about the future more and more. "Will I pass this one journalism class because my professor is an absolute pompous son of a, who doesn't know how to teach?" Or, "What am I not learning in school that I can learn outside that will help me in the future and land a post-grad job?" These, my friends, are the thoughts that run through my head daily.

Just yesterday I was at my school's Open House speaking to students and parents--I'm a Student Ambassador aka Pride Guide. My school is home of the Pride (don't ask). I stumbled upon a girl who was interested in writing for fashion magazines. I found myself going on a rant about how much I love my school, my internship and well, life. She too was excited, although, her mom seemed more excited to be talking to me. I informed her about the importance of knowing the web when going into magazines, the convenience of going to school in the NYC area, and etc., etc. I then handed her my card, told her to contact me if she had any questions about school or life and sent her and her family on their merry way.

In that moment, as I sat there chatting up a storm in my swishy nylon Pride Guide jacket, it hit me. It's possible to live in both the present and future. How you ask? Well, it's simple! Do things that satisfy both factors of your life. Right now what's most important to me is getting good grades, making sure I graduate on time and establishing my new club: The Hofstra Fashion Club--CHECK OUT OUR SITE. For my future, I'm focusing on things like my writing and my internship(s). In a way, these two things can be seen as a present moment. I'm enjoying writing and my internship.

Mhm. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.
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