Sunday, October 11, 2009

That's Some Good Hair!

Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton

Last week, the models on the runway for the Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton collection stomped down the catwalk with larger-than-life Afros (power to the people!). The presentation was filled with lots of "travelers" pieces. All the layering and different patterns are well suited for any adventurous and on-the-go girl! Anyway, I understand the collection, but what I don't get is the Afros. Whenever I look at the photos, I can't help but silently wave to my sort of nappy rooted sistahs above (HEYY!).

This got me thinking about other things...

I would never wear my hair au naturel, meaning in a fro. I don't do Afros. With the exception of my younger years, I never have and I never will. I'm on that "creamy crack" as one girl said in Chris Rock's new movie Good Hair. There are girls who look really nice in fros, but I'm not one of them. That aside, I can't wait to see the movie Good Hair. It uncovers what is considered "good hair" in the black community and explores the ins and outs of the black hair business. Back in middle and high school, I would constantly get braided weave extensions every single summer. I was convinced my hair was growing because of this; until, my sophomore year of high school. When I removed the extensions, I lost about 30% of my hair. I waved bye bye to my growing "good hair". And ever since then, I vowed to never ever get a weave. I haven't. I love my real hair. Sure it may not have that, for the lack of a better term, white-girl-hair bounce, but it's my hair and it's good hair.

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