Friday, November 6, 2009

Love is Blind

Tonight I watched the Rihanna interview with Diane Sawyer. Although I am a little fishy about the timing of the interview, I think it was much needed. Riri sat there in her cream-white turtleneck dress, looking like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and talked about the night she got abused by then boyfriend Chris Brown, including the events that followed. You know, where she decided to get back with him and then realized that was a dumb decision. Either way, I'm proud of her for standing up for herself and speaking out about the incident. So many girls are in abusive relationships and are either too scared to leave, think they can change their lover (via themselves or Maury Povich's bootcamp) or are blinded by love.

(About to get really personal) The latter, my friends, holds true to an ex-best friend of mine, who decided that her occasionally mentally and physically abusive boyfriend was better for her than her only best friends. I know you're thinking, "Ex-best friend? You should be there for her." Well, I/we (her best friends) tried. She changed and cut us out of her life. Well, he changed her and brainwashed her into believing that he was the only person who truly "loved" her. Ha. But before this, when she decided to officially break it off with him, I was there giving her 150% of my support. However, she went crawling back to her ugly (inside and out) boyfriend behind my back and didn't have the guts to talk to me about why. Sure I would have not agreed with the decision, but I'm a true friend and support my friends. Despite how stupid their decisions are. I don't know what she's up to, nor do I really care. It's amazing how you think you know someone, but you really don't. Oh well.

Point being, abuse can happen to anyone. And when it happens, run, because if he hits you once, he will do it again.

Moving on, what do you think of Riri's blonde hair?

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