Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hemma Brings Me Back To My Roots

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon a new fashion line called Hemma. I was instantly intrigued by this line because it's African inspired and well, I consider myself a Nigerian-American--I was born in New York, but I have dual citizenship in Nigeria. I'm first generation American in my family, my parents still speak our native tongue at home (I barely understand, but I'm working on it!) and I still have all of my traditional Nigerian/African-ware shoved in closets. My mom repeatedly tells me that on my wedding day I will be wearing our traditional attire, or else.


Anyway, Hemma is an elegant collection that uses authentic Kente, which is a textile that is hand-crafted. The masterminds behind this collection are two lovely gals named Edna Bissoon and Cindy Gaston. Once introduced to Hemma, I instantly thought of the dynamic duo behind Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The aesthetics behind Rodarte shows an appreciation for hand-made fashion, similar to Hemma. And fashion insiders alike know that hand-finished items are absolutely to-die-for. These type of pieces are the root of fashion.

I see a huge future for Hemma. I know I'll be buying one or two items once I make bank.

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