Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway: Wildchild

*Wah-poosh!* -- That's the sound of a whip lashing and the thought that comes into my mind when I hear "Wild Child", which is whom the next Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway is for!

This week, someone will get to win a Green Leopard Bowband from Clash City & Co. and Gloves from Taryn of Skinny Girls Don’t Cry.

Head over to Jamee's blog to enter!

My pick for the Wild Child is this waist belt from Hot Topic. Although the store doesn't fit my personal style, Hot Topic carries some edgy accessories I absolutely love. You can always count on them to help you add the right amount of punk to any outfit.

Hot Topic belt
Hot Topic
Two Buckle Gem Stud Belt

Head over to the following sites for more tips on what to buy the Wild Child gal in your life:

xoxo & good luck!
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