Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gap Holiday 2009 Commercial

I absolutely LOVE commercials. Before becoming an undecided pre-med major who turned into a print journalism student, I considered studying advertising/marketing. But when I found out I had to take a trigonometry class, I backed out. I found advertising interesting, but I didn't like it that much to take a math class I loathed and knew I'd perform poorly in. May be I'll consider studying it sometime down the road...

Anyway, GAP's Holiday 2009 campaign has me giddy. Their doing this whole thing where they encourage you to spread the "holiday cheer." I revert back to my cheerleading days whenever I see their commercials on TV. The most recent one, "Talk to the Moose" reminds me of this:

Little D Cheering
That's me in the center as a Jr PeeWee Cheerleader. I was... 8?

Checkout the commercial below. It's absolutely adorable.

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