Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Santa is Bringing Me!

This Christmas I asked Santa for a watch and ALDO booties. And so far, a little elf has told me I'll be getting both!

You see, watches are my secret obsession. What? Secretista has a SECRET obsession? YES! Well, it's not so secret anymore... Over the summer I went to a G-Shock party and had the time of my life looking at all the different watches and ignored the multiple famous faces that surrounded me--it was all about the watches baby! Now that I think about it, I want a G-Shock watch (my 21st Birthday is next month *HINT*HINT*). Anyway (sorry for digressing), I asked the jolly old white-haired man for a thin and elegant watch. I thought it was time I have a watch I can wear with my formal attire. It's a good investment.

Next, I asked Santa baby for the Tureson wedged leather bootie from ALDO Shoes. Santa's (aka my pops) reaction was, "Those are ugly! Do you really want those?" I then responded, "Yes dad. I really want those." Mums-the-word is he sent his little elf, uh my older brother, on a hunt for the booties and the little elf told me that he found them in the mall right near our house--and in my big-foot size! Here's my soon-to-be 10th addition to my ALDO Shoes collection:
Tureson Aldo Shoes
ALDO Shoes

What did you ask Santa for?

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