Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Going on The Drive Thru Diet!


A couple weeks ago, Taco Bell unleashed on all of us a new ad campaign called "The Drive Thru Diet." I am so baffled at the idea of treating Taco Bell as the new Subway. Remember Jared and his amazing weight loss? Apparently, some woman lost 54 pounds eating Taco Bell everyday. Yes. I said Taco Bell. Only in America would a person concoct the idea of going on a "Drive Thru Diet" to lose weight. But what's really crazy is that Taco Bell might actually be a healthy choice when it comes to fast food. And in addition, their meals are really cheap. I'm a little strapped for cash, so I think I might want to go on the "Drive Thru Diet," except I hate tacos and only order bean burritos whenever I go to Taco Bell. Would you go on the "Drive Thru Diet?"

College Candy weighs in on this ridiculousness.

Checkout the infomercial below. I'm not sure if Taco Bell want us to take this new campaign seriously or not...

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