Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kelly Cutrone. You Are My Hero.

Photo Courtesy: WWD

Kelly Cutrone is coming out with a book and I could not be happier. I love people who give it to you straight, as I am the same way, and I admire Cutrone for the very same reason. In addition, she is a self-made woman and a self-proclaiming "Mama Wolf." Power to the female! In her interview with WWD, she says her book “covers everything from marriages to relationships to jobs to….Even Ashley Dupré makes a little appearance in my book.” Cutrone wrote the book amidst shooting two reality TV shows and running three offices. Can you say Super Woman? My inner feminist really hopes she and her book empowers many young women to go out there and achieve their dreams.


P.S. Check out this raw footage of her by ASVOF speaking about the book:

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