Friday, February 26, 2010

My Open Love Letter to ALDO Shoes

Trying to carry a third of my Aldo shoe collection.

It's no secret I am an Aldo Addict. I own at least 11 pairs (and counting) of Aldo shoes. From a mix of sky-high heels, to platform wedges, to flats and my favorite knee-high boots, I LOVE Aldo. I also own one of their handbags. Almost two years later, and I am still a devoted customer. One of the main reasons I love Aldo is that the shoe selection is always delectable and fashion forward. I can honestly say that I have never spotted someone else wearing one of my shoes. The prices are reasonable and they always have my size (I'm big-footed, remember?)!

My growing obsession with Aldo began in the Summer of 2008. Heading back to school and starting my first fashion internship, I wanted a pair of shoes that would make a statement. I headed to Aldo because one of my friends worked there and suggested I give it a shot. When I entered the store, I spotted the most incredible pair of platform wedges--aka Roadtown. It was the combination of comfort and chicness that made me pour over with love and adoration for my new purchase--springing my current addiction to wedges.

Impressed by my first Aldo buy, I decided to head back to the shoe haven for a new winter-ish boot. That's when I bought my over-the-knee leather boots (!!). Always ahead of the shoe curve, Aldo had me looking like I just walked off the runway with the soon-to-be boot trend.

At one point, I even started a website devoted to Aldo Addicts. I knew I had a serious addiction when I found myself typing "" into my browser before Facebook and Twitter. Yeah. I know. I'm sick.

And as I type this post, I can't stop thinking about the shoes I want to buy. Aldo just unleashed their Spring 2010 collection and there are so many pairs I want, that I can't decide which ones I want! Oh, life decisions...

So Aldo, I have three words for you: I LOVE YOU.


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