Friday, February 19, 2010

Elephants in Fashion: Diesel 2010 "Be Stupid" Campaign

And, I'm back! The Fall 2010 season of New York Fashion Week was beyond amazing. I seriously love my internship (more than life?). I met so many amazingly new people within the industry and can't wait to meet/work with them some time in the near future. The highlight of NYFW for me was hands down the IFB Fashion Blog Conference, which I blogged about on the TeenVogue website. After attending the conference, I have never been more proud to be a blogger. I seriously love this shit (excuse my filthy mouth). And by shit, I mean blogosphere.

Anyway, while I spent my President's Day weekend trotting from fashion show and/or event to another in my new Jeffrey Campbell wedges, I noticed Diesel's new advertisement in the frigid subways of New York. Diesel's new ad campaign for 2010 grasped my attention for two reasons: 1. The Elephant (DUH!) 2. The slogan. "Be Stupid." I actually don't get how it correlates to the company. If someone does, please explain.

I've decided to devote more time to blogging. I'm probably going to go back to taking pictures of my outfits, with the help of one of my photographer friends of course. I really feel like I've lost my sense of fashion experimentation and documenting it may actually help enhance my fashion imagination!

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