Friday, April 2, 2010

In It To Win It: TFLN Book Giveaway on College Candy

TFLN -- The four-letter acronym that's synonymous to most students like "FML." If there's anything I've learned as a college kid, I've learned that a student's life is prone to procrastination. I've made many attempts to "break-up" with procrastination as it is a time consuming habit, but I've come to accept that the desire for at-the-moment distractions is a part of my life for the next year and a half. And in the past, one of reasons I sometimes stayed up late was because I was busy browsing through Texts From Last Night. Stupid? Yes. Addicting? VERY. I guess the reason I find TFLN so interesting is because I've never had any of the crazy moments like depicted in texts on the site (I'm a slight Goody Two-Shoes).

Moving on, the creators of the hilarious site have put together a book and College Candy will be giving away THREE copies! To enter, head over to TFLN, find your favorite text of all time, copy it and then paste it into the comments section in this post on the College Candy website with your full name.

Would you buy this book?

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